WP Flipkart Importer

WP Flipkart Importer Plugin Import product from flipkart according to your given parameter.

Features :

  1. Import product from flipkart.
  2. Custom import according to your parameter.
  3. Makes auto blogging.
  4. Support WPMU.
  5. Custom template option.
  6. Set cron option.

Download : https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-flipkart-importer/

Customization , plugin development,plugin feed back  : Click Here



  1. Install WP Flipkart Importer WordPress Plugin

    • Upload the WP Flipkart Importer WordPress Plugin folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
    • Activate the WP Flipkart Importer WordPress Plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
    • Go Flipkart Importer in admin menu and add new importer search parameter click save button
    • After that click Import Product Now button.
  2. Plugin Help File

    After installing WP Flipkart Importer WordPress Plugin, Go Flipkart Importer in admin menu and add importer search parameter click update button.

    • WP Flipkart Importer Settings

      • Fk-Affiliate-Id : Enter your Affiliate ID for Flipkart, Your Affiliate ID from Flipkart.Don't you have such a key- Request one here.
      • Fk-Affiliate-Token : Enter your Affiliate Token for Flipkart, Your Affiliate Token from Flipkart.Don't you have such a key- Request one here.
      • Keyword : Default Keyword show that base import product
      • Max Items : Maximum product import
      • Feed Status : The products will be auto fetched if the feed status is active
    • WordPress Settings

      • New Post Status : The products can be directly published in the blog or stored in draft section for approval at a later stage
      • Category Name : List of Categories from WordPress Blog. The WP Flipkart imported from above settings will be inserted in that category
      • Run Every : Built in cron feature that automatically fetches products from Indeed site that can be set to run after specific periods like day, week etc
      • Display Template : List of fields that will be displayed in the product description page like product_price product_color,product_description etc.

Display Template Macro

Name Discription
{product_color} Product color name display.
{product_price} Product Price display.
{product_currency} Product currency display
{product_description} Product description display
{product_size} Product size display
{product_detail_url} Product detail url from Flipkart like http://www.flipkart.com
{product_detail_url_more_link} Product detail url link from indeed like More >>
{product_image_url} Product image url display
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