AuthenticJobs Job Importer

AuthenticJobs Job Importer Plugin Import job from indeed according to your given parameter.

Features :

  1. Import job from AuthenticJobs.
  2. Custom import according to your parameter.
  3. Set Multiple Campaign/Importer.
  4. Makes auto blogging.
  5. Support WPMU.
  6. Custom template option.
  7. Set cron option.
  8. Multiple AuthenticJobs account data import.

More Detail  : Click Here

Customization , plugin development,plugin feed back  : Click Here


  1. Install Indeed Job Importer WordPress Plugin

    • Upload the AuthenticJobs Job Importer WordPress Plugin folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
    • Activate the AuthenticJobs Job Importer WordPress Plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
    • Go AuthenticJobs Importer in admin menu and add new importer search parameter click save button
    • In importer list click Featch Now link.
  2. Plugin Help File

    After installing AuthenticJobs Job Importer WordPress Plugin, click on – Add New. The products are imported from AuthenticJobs Database to WordPress Blog.

    • AuthenticJobs Job Importer Settings

      • Campaign Name
        Run multiple campaigns like “PHP”,“IT“ etc with multiple AuthenticJobs Accounts and fetch products from AuthenticJobs.this is only for differnciate importer.
      • Api Key
        Your Api Key from authenticjobs. Don’t you have such a key? – Request one here.
      • Keyword
        Keywords to look for in the title or description of the job posting. Separate multiple keywords with commas. Multiple keywords will be treated as an OR
      • Location
        Free-text matching against company location names or ID from api
      • Job Company
        Free-text matching against company name or ID from api
      • Job Category
        Import this category jobs
      • Job Type
        Import this job type jobs
      • Max Items to Import
        Maximum value is 20; we recommend that you set the Max Item Import parameter to 10
      • Feed Status
        The products will be auto fetched if the feed status is active
    • WordPress Settings

      • New Post Status The products can be directly published in the blog or stored in draft section for approval at a later stage
      • Category Name List of Categories from WordPress Blog. The Indeed job imported from above settings will be inserted in that category
      • Run Every Built in cron feature that automatically fetches products from Indeed site that can be set to run after specific periods like day, week etc
      • Display Template List of fields that will be displayed in the product description page like job_company job_location, job_description etc.

Display Template Macro

Name Discription
{job_company} Job source company name display.
{job_description} Job description display.
{job_city} Job city name display like New York, NY
{job_country} Job county name display.
{job_location} Job location display like Austin,TX
{job_apply_email} Job apply email address
{job_company_url} Job detail url from AuthenticJobs
{job_category} Job category name from AuthenticJobs
{job_detail_url} Job detail url from indeed like
{job_detail_url_link} Job detail url with link from indeed like
{job_detail_url_more_link} Job detail url link from indeed like More >>
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